Project Inspire Grant Application

Project Inspire Grants support U-M student organizations that seek to provide local K-12 students with an opportunity to learn about higher education while encouraging them to broaden their personal post-secondary education goals.

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Student Organization Information

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Primary Contact

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Program Information

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Children on Campus Policy

University-Sponsored Programs (programs and activities under the direction and authority of the university and that are administered by faculty, staff and/or sponsored student organizations on behalf of the university) must: 
  • Submit a program registration.
  • Follow the established Code of Conduct.
  • Submit to criminal background screening of all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers.
  • Use university- provided templates for participant forms.
  • Agree to have faculty, staff, students, and volunteers complete required training.
  • Adhere to all reporting obligations.
  • Read about the full policy or learn more at the Children on Campus website

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Program Budget and Funding Request

Please provide an itemized budget for your event. Indicate specific items for which you are seeking support through this grant from the Center for Educational Outreach (CEO). Sample Budget Template available here.

Whole Numbers only - No Commas or Decimals or Punctuation please.

Additional Funding Sources

Please complete the following information about other U-M or community departments / organizations from which you have applied for funding for this event / program. 
Click "Add another funding source" at the bottom of this page to add another funding source.

Whole Numbers only - No Commas or Decimals or Punctuation please.

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By submitting this grant application, you attest that the information on this application is correct. If your organization is awarded a grant, you further agree to the following:
To acknowledge the Center for Education Outreach on all publicity materials
To submit a final post-event form within 15 days of program/event completion.
To follow all applicable university policies, including the Policy on Minors.