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SEAS awards travel grants for assisting graduate students in defraying travel costs when attending professional meetings according to the following guidelines:

1. Purpose of Travel To qualify for consideration, the student must produce evidence that s/he is participating as a speaker, poster presenter, or panelist at the meeting. The value to students in attending meetings is recognition, as is the value of School representation. Therefore, where appropriate, students meeting the conditions above are encouraged to share transportation with non presenters when driving to a meeting. The Associate Dean may grant exceptions upon approval.

2. Required Supporting Documentation The "SEAS Conference Travel Grant" form; 2) a copy of a letter or e-mail confirming that the student is a speaker, poster presenter, or panelist at the meeting. The document should include the student's name, title of presentation, and the conference name, location and date(s); and 3) for international travel, proof of UM trip registration AND proof of HTH Worldwide insurance purchase.

3. Amount of Award "Individual" grant is $200. International students- 14% of funds withheld for students without a tax treaty. "Master's Project" travel to meetings would normally be budgeted in the project's original funding request. In unusual circumstances, master's project students may apply for travel funds subject to approval. Master's Project travel assistance will be in an amount of up to $300, or two-thirds of the amount requested, per group (NOT per individual group member), contingent upon Associate Dean approval. One application on behalf of the entire group is required. "International" assistance (PhD pre-candidates and candidates ONLY) grant is $250. This award is to meet the match requirement for additional Rackham funds. If your academic travel takes you out of the U.S., you are required to register via the U-M Travel Registry at and purchase the HTH Worldwide Insurance. The health insurance is required even if you currently have insurance that covers international travel. Current price is $1.15 per day. Information and registration link is available here:

4. Constraints on Awards Only one SEAS travel grant is allowable per student per UM fiscal year (July-June).

Awards are contingent upon availability of funds and student enrollment is required during the term in which travel occurs. If travel occurs during the Spring/Summer, i.e.,May through August,the student  must have enrolled in the previous winter term, and/or register for the subsequent fall term.

Graduates may apply in the term immediately following their graduation.
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